About us

About Initiativ Rëm Schaffen

Initiativ Rëm Schaffen is offering guidance and support to any person in search of employment.

Our non-profit organisation was founded in 1988 under the leadership of Mr Willy Bourg, deputy mayor of Luxembourg City and our first President. From 1 November 1991 onwards, the city of Luxembourg has provided offices located at 110, avenue Gaston Diderich in Luxembourg-Belair.

Between 1996 and 1998, Initiativ Rëm Schaffen opened additional offices in Esch-sur-Alzette and Ettelbruck, both with the support of the relevant Councils.

Dr Mergen Martine was President from 1994 until 2007 when Mrs Konsbruck Claudine took over the presidency.

Since its foundation, Initiativ Rëm Schaffen has been supported by the Ministry of Equality and Diversity and some employment training projects were completed with the support of the European Social Fund. In addition, our current trainings are funded by the Ministry of Labour.