Individual consultations

Someone who will listen - Services

Someone who will listen

Initiativ Rëm Schaffen is here to help and will support you in your job search by considering your resources and skills.

Develop a clear and realistic plan in accordance with your skills

To achieve your goals, it is important to develop a realistic and clear course of action. We will help you to set up a customized action plan.

Identify your technical and social skills.

Before starting your job search it is important to identify all the skills you have acquired during your professional career or previous trainings. We will assist you during this process.

Labour market information and training opportunities

Labour market information and training opportunities

Initiativ Rëm Schaffen can offer labour market guidance and we can inform you about adult training opportunities.

CV and application letter - Services

CV and application letter

Your CV should be clear and precise, and it should offer a comprehensive overview of any previous professional experience(s) and trainings as well as any skills you possess.

Your application letter should use a positive tone to improve your chances of getting a job interview.

Job search assistance, tools and techniques

Although physical (daily) newspapers can still be helpful in finding job opportunities, it is nowadays essential to know the digital platforms on which job offers are constantly updated.

Orientation – Reorientation – Career change

Orientation – Reorientation – Career change

We can support you:

  • in finding your professional path
  • in moving into a new career

Initiativ Rëm Schaffen can help you define your aspirations and develop the motivation that is necessary to achieve your professional goals.

External offers

If necessary, we will guide you towards external offers or external support.

Other support

If appropriate, other support is given by Initiativ Rëm Schaffen

  • Training
  • Seminars
  • Workshops